Getting to your site quickly can sometimes be difficult but with remote service we can. As long as you have a broadband internet connection we can take remote control of your desktops without a security risk. This does not require any technical knowledge on your part. We will walk you through connecting to our web site with a session number so we can trouble shoot your problems without the need to make a visit.  This can allow us to service you faster and save you money.
There is a better way to manage your printing: Managed Print Services. Whether your company has just a few printers, or hundreds of printers and MFPs, a PCnet Certified Specialist can work with you to optimize, simplify, and save. Streamline printer maintenance company-wide. Manage service and supplies more efficiently than ever. Reduce calls to your IT help desk. It all adds up to  improved document efficiency for your existing fleet – or even lower TCO with Kyocera’s ECOSYS printers. That’s better business. That’s Managed Print: Simplified.  
PCnet LiveProtect Online Backup lets you backup as many computers as you need using one account. With PCnet LiveProtect Online Backup, all of the PCs in your business are simply managed; no juggling multiple accounts! And because we don't charge you a separate amount for each PC, PCnet LiveProtect Online Backup is the most affordable way to back up your business.
PCnet LiveProtect provides a wide range of support services to keep your business running smoothly... From Managed Print Services, Network Management, Remote Support and Online Backup... PCnet has you Covered!!
Today’s network systems are increasing in complexity, causing more planning and labor to manage.  Our network management services take the chaos out of computing system maintenance and manages risks that can increase service requirements and interrupt end user computing functions.  
Designed for corporate IT departments, PCnet LiveProtect Network Managed Services works with single or multiple locations and provides information and functions that streamline the workload for  both IT managers and technicians.  Having these features and functions consolidated into one affordable cohesive system is invaluable.  Stop the expensive proliferation of software and utilities deployed to manage your computing systems and take advantage of a simplified window into the day to day activities of your network.   PCnet LiveProtect Network Managed Services is appliance based. We can generate significant system reporting, analysis and key performance indicators. Further, our system is agent-less, so you can rest assured that we are not going to negatively impact your productivity.
With PCnet LiveProtect Online Backup, you have the flexibility to schedule monthly, weekly, daily or hourly backup. You also have the ability to perform an instant backup. All data you have backed up can be accessed from any browser! Because your data is being backed up to the cloud, you can access your data anywhere in the world by simply getting online. Never be without a critical file again. Keep an unlimited version history of all your files. Roll back your books to last year’s tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup as of and recover that snapshot of files & versions.
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