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With network security becoming such a hot topic, you may have come under the microscope about your firewall and network security configuration. With the large number of hackers roaming the Internet today and the ease of downloading hacking tools, every network should have a security policy that includes a firewall design. PCnet can examine your network and take account of existing security mechanisms (routers with access lists, intrusion detection, etc.) as part of a firewall and security plan. PCnet can make sure that you have a dedicated firewall solution by purchasing new equipment and/or software or upgrading your current systems.  As a Gold Solution Partner with Sonicwall we can provide you not only of  the best brands but also competitive pricing to keep your cost low and ROI high.
Deciding to choose an IP surveillance system can deliver to you a broader scope of surveillance than many of the older systems of years past. You can rest easily knowing that with an internet connection, you can view your camera, day or night, through your computer, iPad or cell phone. An NVR system records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, memory card or other memory medium within a device. Recording digitally also guarantees image integrity. MI:5 offers a full line of IP cameras to fit any need.  And we have partnered with some of the top manufactures to give you the quality camera you require.
PCnet integration with Penetration Testing solutions increases the effectiveness of network security assessments by eliminating the manual step of running a scan before performing penetration testing using multiple interfaces. Customers are provided with an automated way to both scan networks against a comprehensive vulnerability database with QualysGuard and then to safely exploit those same vulnerabilities with a penetration test. The integration reduces the amount of time customers spend collecting data from vulnerability scans and performing penetration testing, while lowering costs and making the remediation process more effective. 
Viruses, Spyware, and Spam are some of the top reasons for slow computer performance issues and loss of productivity. Did you know that Spam has increased at a rate of 100% every six months over the last two years? You simply want the Internet Pop-Ups and annoying emails to go away. We have the technology that can be put in place to help solve these issues and keep your equipment protected.  PCnet is partnered with some of the best in the business in order to provide effective and affordable solutions to you. As a Kaspersky Green Team Partner we can provide you the competitive pricing and top notch protection.
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